Monday, December 07, 2009

St. Nicolas Day

I've declared December 6th as the official get-our-house-in-the-Christmas-Spirit Day. My idea of decorating is unpacking our three nativity sets; Luke seems to think there should be a tree with lights involved too...Oh, and Laurel LOVES playing with her Nativity; thanks Oma! Then pumpkin cinnamon rolls for breakfast (I recommend adding chocolate chips to the filling), followed by a surprise call that church was canceled because there was no heat in the building (it snowed the night before.) So we had lots of family time, took a beautiful Sunday drive, and had a neighbor take some funky family photos (that's what you get when you stare into direct sunlight....) Can I just say how much I hate taking photos when I'm pregnant! Arghgh! Note in the photos that Laurel is holding some chapstick - not worth the battle to try to take it away from her!

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Cindy said...

Love the family are all so cute. Can you forward me your mailing address?