Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

I stayed home from church with Dean on the 21st, so Luke was the go-to person when Laurel needed a diaper change. When the nursery leader informed him that Laurel wanted to go potty, he took her to the men's room and sat her on the toilet - except he'd never done so when Laurel was wearing a dress - and you know it was just long enough that the skirt and the dress's tie ended up in the toilet. As they were leaving, Laurel turns to Luke and says in all seriousness, "Daddy, my water broke!"

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Family of 4!

Dean Robert Peterson
March 11th, 5:11pm
9 pounds, 21 inches

Like Laurel, he was born a week before his due date. We are madly in love with him! He is named after Luke's father who passed away earlier this year, as well as Luke's Great-Uncle Dean (a family legend who worked for the UN rebuilding Europe after WWII) - although we think he looks like Opa Tammen.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Week 37 1/2 Surprises

Sunday Laurel and I were loitering in the hallway chatting after church, waiting for Luke to finish meeting #5 of the day, when I doubled over in pain - the contractions didn't let up for an hour, coming every 5 minutes - driving home I told Luke he better not hit any potholes! After I laid down for an hour they subsided, but wow! I didn't have any Braxton Hicks with Laurel, and this second baby has been a completely different type of pregnancy.
I'm all about managing my energy these days. Yesterday I did laundry and made dinner. Today I cleaned the bathroom and made dinner. Tomorrow I'm going to story time at the library, making a Target run, and making dinner - and that's a big day for me, doing 3 things!