Thursday, April 29, 2010

Accountability Project: 180.1 pounds (week 2)

Yep, that's a nice loss from last week! I attribute it to a) breastfeeding a huge baby who is growing by leaps and bounds and b) my weight staying at the same 183.6 pounds for two weeks in a row. I predict that next week I'll have a much smaller drop in poundage/ounces. Can I say again how awesome it is to nurse one's child and lose ridiculous amounts of weight?
I tried to really practice keeping the reasons I'm trying to lose weight in my mind during the past week and it worked quite well - it made me bypass the chocolate in my cupboard and prevented me from eating an entire pan of Portuguese Sweet Bread Pudding. I still caved to some emotional eating on a particularly stressful day, but I only ate three squares of fabulous Trader Joe's milk chocolate instead of the entire bar! And yes, I'm eating enough. Got to stay nourished to make milk; most nights I have to have a late night cheddar-on-whole-wheat-tortilla-quesadilla to see me through Dean's night feedings.
This week I'm to pick my diet. You already know I hate the word, and calorie counting just seems to take all the joy out of eating - and I'm big on joy! I had a body-building friend who gave me a personal training session once (he was Mr. Utah at the time) and told me that he viewed food strictly as fuel. Not fun! The "diet" that has worked for me in the past is the 2 fruits/3 veggies a day rule. I often have to struggle to get in the 3rd veggie a day, but when I'm successful at this, I love how it makes me feel. Plus it usually keeps me from feeling the heaviness from too much carb-loading. The one rule that I need to enforce is that the fruit servings shouldn't be from desserts. (You mean those craisins in the 14 oatmeal cookies I ate don't count??!!) I have this fantasy of having a gorgeous green salad in my fridge at all times. We had a couple over for dinner on Sunday and she brought a huge bowl of spinach, frisee, broccoli, hardboiled eggs, baby tomatoes, cucumbers, and red peppers. I've started menu planning based on the Food Nanny's concept of choosing theme nights for each day of the week (i.e. Tuesday is pasta night, Friday is homemade whole-wheat pizza night), and I think I need to designate one evening as big-fat-gorgeous-salad-night.
What are some of your favorite additions to a chef salad?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Accountability Project: 183.6 pounds

So I gained a heap of weight with Dean and I have a long row to hoe to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy. "They" say that being accountable to someone else helps focus one's mind on healthy eating and exercise, so I'm going to try being accountable to all of you! I'm 6 weeks postpartum today and am hopeful that in 10 months I can get down to 155, which is the easiest weight for me to maintain. When I was working on losing the baby weight from Laurel I used Dr. Beck's "Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person" - it worked like a charm. It focuses on cognitive therapy to allow you to be successful at any diet that you are working with. (Note: I really hate the term "diet".)The program is designed such that every day for 6 weeks you follow the exercises outlined in the book. As my life is nuts enough as it is, I'm going to do one exercise a week. The first is iterating why it is that you want to lose weight; Dr. Beck theorizes that keeping these reasons foremost in your mind can help you to make good decisions about eating - keeping one's eye on the prize. Here's my list:
1. Have the energy to keep up with my kids.
2. Be healthy!
3. Feel like an even more attractive wife.
4. Fit into clothes!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Extreme Nose-blowing or How I ruined my child's manners

Laurel has a cold, and halfway through our morning walk I realized I had neglected to stuff tissues in her pockets before leaving the house. But ever the resourceful mom, I offered her my t-shirt hem as a backup nose wiper.
An hour later I'm at home, making lunch at the kitchen counter when I feel Laurel tugging on my shirt. I thought she was trying to get my attention, but no, she was taking care of her runny nose situation. I had to explain that mommy's shirt as substitute tissue was a one-time deal.


You all know that every year my sisters and I make our annual lamb cake for Easter dinner. Unfortunately, my cake pan malfunctioned and I was left with a structurally unsound lamb...with a 3 week old in the house I decided that this year I had no obligation to try to perfect this tradition. However, I share with you a link to other lamb cakes shared by my friend Allison...

Monday, April 19, 2010


Dean started rolling over during tummy time at 3 weeks, and weighed in at almost 12 pounds at his one month appointment last week - his pile of already outgrown clothes is growing rapidly.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick Birth Story

Water broke at 2am - I've never hopped out of bed so fast! Call my mom and tell her to please jump on a plane. Contractions started about an hour later. At 5am we called the family in the ward who were going to watch Laurel, but they were out of town. Waited till 6am to call our backup family. Backup family lives in rural rural Rhode Island, accessible via lots of windy back roads. I refuse to ride along on such a precarious journey, so Luke drops me off at the hospital's front door after 7am and I take a slow walk up to the delivery floor - pausing to lean against the wall during contractions - several staff members ask if I need a wheelchair, but I know that the contractions are the worst when I'm sitting. The nurses ask (since my water had broken) if I'm wearing a pad, and I respond that I'm wearing Depends. They laugh and laugh. I'm 100% effaced and dilated to a 4.
Luke gets to the hospital after about an hour - although I was hoping for a medication-free birth, I had forgotten my low pain tolerance level and beg them to hurry the anesthesiologist. By midday I'm dilated to an 8.
Epidural wears off - I essentially end up laboring "au natural" for two hours and they are the worst 2 hours ever! Fortunately my tears convince them to override the 10mL per patient standard and they boost my drugs.
I start pushing around 2pm but no progress. Sooo frustrating. Nurses finally discover that the baby is caught on the anterior lip of my cervix. They tell me that it needs to be pushed over the baby's head like a turtleneck, but that they aren't authorized to do it; only the ob can do this. I have to wait till my doc is done with her office hours - agh! My fabulous ob shows up, slips the cervix over the head, and in three contractions (9 pushes) he's out at 5:11pm - I immediately burst into tears - overwhelming happiness both that the labor is mercifully over and the baby is out. Dean is a beautiful beautiful baby - although Luke reports that he was alarmed because it took a while to get him breathing. An hour later my mom shows up, having fetched Laurel. Laurel instantly looks huge in comparison.
My recovery is great - amazing nurses that provide the best TLC. The Women's Auxiliary provides a fancy dinner for the parents on their last night in the hospital. We order the salmon.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Minutes Old

You know, this is the sort of photo that will make my heart melt fifty years from now.