Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick Birth Story

Water broke at 2am - I've never hopped out of bed so fast! Call my mom and tell her to please jump on a plane. Contractions started about an hour later. At 5am we called the family in the ward who were going to watch Laurel, but they were out of town. Waited till 6am to call our backup family. Backup family lives in rural rural Rhode Island, accessible via lots of windy back roads. I refuse to ride along on such a precarious journey, so Luke drops me off at the hospital's front door after 7am and I take a slow walk up to the delivery floor - pausing to lean against the wall during contractions - several staff members ask if I need a wheelchair, but I know that the contractions are the worst when I'm sitting. The nurses ask (since my water had broken) if I'm wearing a pad, and I respond that I'm wearing Depends. They laugh and laugh. I'm 100% effaced and dilated to a 4.
Luke gets to the hospital after about an hour - although I was hoping for a medication-free birth, I had forgotten my low pain tolerance level and beg them to hurry the anesthesiologist. By midday I'm dilated to an 8.
Epidural wears off - I essentially end up laboring "au natural" for two hours and they are the worst 2 hours ever! Fortunately my tears convince them to override the 10mL per patient standard and they boost my drugs.
I start pushing around 2pm but no progress. Sooo frustrating. Nurses finally discover that the baby is caught on the anterior lip of my cervix. They tell me that it needs to be pushed over the baby's head like a turtleneck, but that they aren't authorized to do it; only the ob can do this. I have to wait till my doc is done with her office hours - agh! My fabulous ob shows up, slips the cervix over the head, and in three contractions (9 pushes) he's out at 5:11pm - I immediately burst into tears - overwhelming happiness both that the labor is mercifully over and the baby is out. Dean is a beautiful beautiful baby - although Luke reports that he was alarmed because it took a while to get him breathing. An hour later my mom shows up, having fetched Laurel. Laurel instantly looks huge in comparison.
My recovery is great - amazing nurses that provide the best TLC. The Women's Auxiliary provides a fancy dinner for the parents on their last night in the hospital. We order the salmon.


Paige said...

Hahahaha, love the Depends! Your'e a smart lady! Thanks for sharing the story. I loved hearing about it.

Cheryl and William said...

Amanda- you are HILARIOUS!! The Depends part is classic :-) So glad that he made it here ok- and that you survived that time without the meds!! :-) Many hugs and congratulations to you and your family!!