Thursday, April 29, 2010

Accountability Project: 180.1 pounds (week 2)

Yep, that's a nice loss from last week! I attribute it to a) breastfeeding a huge baby who is growing by leaps and bounds and b) my weight staying at the same 183.6 pounds for two weeks in a row. I predict that next week I'll have a much smaller drop in poundage/ounces. Can I say again how awesome it is to nurse one's child and lose ridiculous amounts of weight?
I tried to really practice keeping the reasons I'm trying to lose weight in my mind during the past week and it worked quite well - it made me bypass the chocolate in my cupboard and prevented me from eating an entire pan of Portuguese Sweet Bread Pudding. I still caved to some emotional eating on a particularly stressful day, but I only ate three squares of fabulous Trader Joe's milk chocolate instead of the entire bar! And yes, I'm eating enough. Got to stay nourished to make milk; most nights I have to have a late night cheddar-on-whole-wheat-tortilla-quesadilla to see me through Dean's night feedings.
This week I'm to pick my diet. You already know I hate the word, and calorie counting just seems to take all the joy out of eating - and I'm big on joy! I had a body-building friend who gave me a personal training session once (he was Mr. Utah at the time) and told me that he viewed food strictly as fuel. Not fun! The "diet" that has worked for me in the past is the 2 fruits/3 veggies a day rule. I often have to struggle to get in the 3rd veggie a day, but when I'm successful at this, I love how it makes me feel. Plus it usually keeps me from feeling the heaviness from too much carb-loading. The one rule that I need to enforce is that the fruit servings shouldn't be from desserts. (You mean those craisins in the 14 oatmeal cookies I ate don't count??!!) I have this fantasy of having a gorgeous green salad in my fridge at all times. We had a couple over for dinner on Sunday and she brought a huge bowl of spinach, frisee, broccoli, hardboiled eggs, baby tomatoes, cucumbers, and red peppers. I've started menu planning based on the Food Nanny's concept of choosing theme nights for each day of the week (i.e. Tuesday is pasta night, Friday is homemade whole-wheat pizza night), and I think I need to designate one evening as big-fat-gorgeous-salad-night.
What are some of your favorite additions to a chef salad?


Christine said...

I'm a sucker for baby corn, those little mini cobs. Love em. Are you coming to Cambridge? Our plan a month ago was to surprise you guys in Rhode Island one day, well, for me to do so while Brigham took the monkeys somewhere to play. :) Sorry that didn't happen, you know how life gets in the way. I'm dying to see that baby!!

Reianna Cambridge said...

Don't stress...It took nine months to gain it all so give yourself about that much time to take it off. Plus having two kidlets was way harder then have just one. It sounds like you are making progress and thats the best part!

Paige said...

Avocado is the best. Sure, it's a fatty vegetable, but it makes the salad feel positivley luxurious. And an acidic twang is so good with rich buttery avocado.

Jana said...

Do you know what I'd give to be 180?! Why is it that I've held on to the baby weight when I've nursed my two girls, but when I didn't nurse my son I lost the most weight? I'm still packing 15lbs from Pander, & yes, if it's 9mos up & 9mos down then I guess I'm outta time!

If I've got a big ole bowl of lettuce & could only have one addition to it (besides dressing) it would have to be carrots. I'm on a huge salad kick right now, too, for some reason.

Yogurl and Manburger said...

Mr Utah huh? Sounds like the kind of guy Luke would like for you to talk about more often. What language did he tell you he views food as fuel in by the way?