Thursday, May 27, 2010

Accountability Project: 177.2 pounds (Week 6)

It's a miracle I didn't gain weight this week. Eating mindfully, sitting down while eating, eating veggies instead of carbs...yeah right! I didn't think I was stressed about this move. But after scarfing down half a dozen cookies, a burger, some fries, and chocolate shake I realized "oh yeah, I'm definitely a bit stressed about this transition". Now that we've signed the contract on the house and put down the deposit with the movers I feel a bit more calm - amazing how well my conscious mind says "I'm handling things just fine!" and my subconscious is racing around in a frenzy, darting from one snack to another. I'm not adding any other behavioral modifications to my life this week - I'm just going to focus on those habits that I had previously worked on building.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Head West, Realize Your Dreams! Head West, Eat Pork and Beans!*

Luke starts his new job doing economic development for Wasatch County (Utah) on June 28th. And we're going to be living in a crazy cool vacation destination. We're going to rent for a year while we scope out the real estate situation. We've found a wonderful ranch home on a half acre with THREE bathrooms! And a garage! And a dishwasher! And a garden! And we can walk to church! (.3 miles away!) We're so stoked. We'll be living in Midway (Swiss Days, anyone?). Come visit!

*lyrics from a fab song we heard on KRCL years ago

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Accountability Project: 177.2 pounds (Week 5)

Okay, so my task this week is to eat slowly and mindfully. Gee, ever tried that with kids?? I am going to very slowly and mindfully eat the cake at my grandmother's 90th birthday party this weekend in St. Louis. My sisters spent time cake shopping and even gave the bakery our favorite frosting recipe to top it with. Cannot wait!
I really need to practice sitting when eating more - I've been a disaster this week - we have a few things going on that have rendered me highly distractable (that's a word, right?) and I've been munching left and right. Could do without the calories from the delish chocolate sour cream frosting that I kept sneaking tastes of from the mixing bowl (made for a birthday cake for a bbq tonight). Mmm mmm good though!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Blessing Day (1 month old)

It was great to have so much family in town for the blessing: my parents and Luke's mom and sister visited.

Chunky 1 Month-er

Yes, Dean is 2 months old, but I've been negligent on posting pics. So here are some from last month.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Accountability Project: 177.9 pounds (Week 4)

Wow! Last week's task of eating while sitting down really proved more challenging. Especially as the week wore on and became busier. How easy is it to snag food from Laurel's plate as I'm cleaning up or randomly munch as I'm prepping dinner/lunch? Sure, if those munchies involve carrots or celery, that would be rad....
I also made it to the gym at our complex several days this week. Laurel plays and Dean falls asleep in the Baby Bjorn while I'm on the elliptical. His added resistance helps to burn calories, right? (He clocked in at 13 pounds 10 ounces at yesterday's 2 month checkup.)
This week's task is to "Take Credit" every time you do something right. Isn't it so easy to "mess up" your eating plans (i.e. the bread basket at a restaurant) and then feel that you've fallen short of your goals and then engage in more self-destructive bahavior? I know I've done it: "I already ate some dessert when I wasn't planning on it; I might as well eat seconds and thirds too!"
Dr. Beck's theory is that as you take credit for every small success, you build your self-confidence. I dig this! I think we ladies should take credit for more successes than we do; successes don't have to be things that the world at large would recognize as such.
Some people say that you should reward yourself when you follow your healthy eating/exercise goals. (Yay, presents!) But my favorite type of reward is edible; what else can I use to celebrate sustained success?
You may remember that last year I practiced a 3 month no sugary foods fast and rewarded myself with a pair of lamps from Target. My friend Christine once rewarded herself with a slipcover for her couch. Which makes me hypothesize that thrifty moms need justification for buying "pretty things" for our homes...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Accountability Project: 181.4 pounds (Week 3)

Well, I forgot to weigh myself before eating my normal half pound of oatmeal before breakfast...Oh well. And my carb-loaded dinners the past 3 nights haven't helped. We've been a bit off schedule: Monday = Basta Pasta, Tuesday = pancakes for dinner, Wednesday = pesto on spinach spaghetti. Yikes! At least they were all delicious! As far as the fruits and veggies go, I've made a goal that I've stuck with almost 100% of limiting my snacks when I'm out and about to veggies. Baby carrots and snow peas have been my salvation. This nursing momma needs her snacks, and now that the Northeast finally has good weather we're at the playground almost every day. I used to toss a Kashi granola bar in my bag, but really - I get enough carbs between my morning bowl of oatmeal, a possible late evening quesadilla, and a sandwich at lunch.
This week Dr. Beck wants me to focus on: Eating Sitting Down! She asks this in her book. "Do you do any of the following?
-Take free samples of food at the grocery store.
-Taste food as you prepare meals.
-Sneak bits of food from someone's plate as you clear the table.
-Spoon ice cream out of the container or reach into a bag of chips while you're walking around talking on the phone.
-Take a piece of candy or a pretzel as you walk past the snack jar sitting on a coworker's deak.
-Nibble on something you see when opening the refrigerator to get something else.

Yes, yes, and yes. Those sneaky hidden calories! Her point is that practicing this behavior will ultimately make you more conscious of everything you put in your mouth, attuning you to whether are not you are actually hungry.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Card received in the mail

From Luke's older brother:

cover: It's a total surprise!!!

inside text: Hi,I'm the newest addition to the Peterson household. Although I technically shouldn't be here, I beat the odds with my sheer determination and now HERE I AM! My parents call me Nugget! I'll be glad to meet you around December 2nd!

Not a Picky Eater

We're grateful that Laurel eats the same food that we do: she's particular fans of brussel sprouts and beets.
Luke was in Cambridge yesterday and brought dinner home from Basta Pasta. I always order the chicken cacciatore, and his favorite is the puttenesca. This morning he ate leftovers for breakfast and Laurel hounded him for "A bite, a bite!" Now, Basta Pasta dishes with its homemade fusilli is sacred to us, and Luke just didn't want to share. He pierced an anchovy with his fork and gave it to her, saying, "This will cure her." She chowed down without hesitation and demanded, "Another bite! Another bite!" What's next, offal?