Thursday, May 06, 2010

Accountability Project: 181.4 pounds (Week 3)

Well, I forgot to weigh myself before eating my normal half pound of oatmeal before breakfast...Oh well. And my carb-loaded dinners the past 3 nights haven't helped. We've been a bit off schedule: Monday = Basta Pasta, Tuesday = pancakes for dinner, Wednesday = pesto on spinach spaghetti. Yikes! At least they were all delicious! As far as the fruits and veggies go, I've made a goal that I've stuck with almost 100% of limiting my snacks when I'm out and about to veggies. Baby carrots and snow peas have been my salvation. This nursing momma needs her snacks, and now that the Northeast finally has good weather we're at the playground almost every day. I used to toss a Kashi granola bar in my bag, but really - I get enough carbs between my morning bowl of oatmeal, a possible late evening quesadilla, and a sandwich at lunch.
This week Dr. Beck wants me to focus on: Eating Sitting Down! She asks this in her book. "Do you do any of the following?
-Take free samples of food at the grocery store.
-Taste food as you prepare meals.
-Sneak bits of food from someone's plate as you clear the table.
-Spoon ice cream out of the container or reach into a bag of chips while you're walking around talking on the phone.
-Take a piece of candy or a pretzel as you walk past the snack jar sitting on a coworker's deak.
-Nibble on something you see when opening the refrigerator to get something else.

Yes, yes, and yes. Those sneaky hidden calories! Her point is that practicing this behavior will ultimately make you more conscious of everything you put in your mouth, attuning you to whether are not you are actually hungry.

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Yogurl and Manburger said...

Way to be! I know that every time my weight goes the wrong way I head right into my kitchen and eat a bowl of M&Ms because I am so depressed. Your attitude/stick-to-itiveness is much better than mine.