Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Promised Land

Truly, we live in the best neighborhood in American history! Laurel was invited to run through the sprinkler with the neighbor's granddaughter, so I went over to supervise and had a great chat; another neighbor offered to help us move in; another neighbor gave us produce from her garden, not to mention the neighbor that left us a loaf of Swiss bread with a map of the street and contact info for all the residents.

And yes, we've had the heat on 2 out of 4 nights - brrrrr up here in the mountains.

We're planning on doing an open house in late July to have everyone on the street over.

I spent Friday morning in Orem picking up necessities at Target and Walmart and it was just so busy and traffic-y and I felt depressed (spending the big bucks to get the essentials for one's new home wasn't helpful either), but as soon as I drove into Provo Canyon my stress just evaporated. I cannot believe how stinking gorgeous it is up here!!

I keep telling Luke, "I think we should move here. I really do." Because I can't believe that we actually LIVE here. I love walking to the park and the grocery store and the post office.

I love eating our lunches and dinners outside. Laurel loves having a "pick-pick" for mealtime. Great b/c you don't have to pick up crumbs from the grass. I sit on the front steps with Dean while Laurel looks at ants and I love that the house has as split rail fence in the front - it gives Laurel a boundary from which she can't stray.

One evening we were eating dinner outside and the neighbor girl wandered over to show us a snail she had found - the same little girl that I bought a 50cent lemonade from the day before on another corner.

It's like being in a neighborhood. This is the best ever!!

Sign seen in the laundromat in Heber: No washing horse blankets in the machines!

What a culture.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Sabbatical

I always wanted to be able to say that...we're driving out of Rhode Island at noon tomorrow. The scale is packed away...hoping that when I hop back on it in 1-2 weeks that the numbers are lower! Wish us happy travels!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're going to miss this place!

When we first drove up to our new ward building - only ten months ago - I fell in love with it. Doesn't it just look like New England?

Kids Teach You Life Lessons

No matter how insane your schedule may be, you should always take time to enjoy a leisurely meal, take a nap, and play.

Can't wait to get a slipcover for this couch!

But I think its "accessories" are just adorable!

Obviously, this girl needs a nap!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Accountability Project: 175.5 pounds (Week 8)

Man, if all I can do is maintain this weight for the next tumultuous weeks, that will be a major success!!
We just received the June Ensign in the mail - LOVE President Monson's home teaching message. Don't we all feel like the gray-tinged canary too often in our lives - mostly because we compare ourselves to others. I once attended a fireside with Sheri Dew and she said, "Never compare your weaknesses to another's strengths." Such sage advice.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Quote sent from my mother

"To have children is a double living, the earthly fountain of youth, a continual fresh delight, and also a source of weariness beyond description." -Josephine W. Johnson

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Accountability Project: 175.5 pounds (Week 7)

Wow, I love breastfeeding! The best weight loss tool ever!
Hope you all are doing well; I'm up to my neck in boxes over here. Laurel has been really helpful - she loves bringing me boxes, setting them up, and helping me to tape them closed. I'm even more excited about our move to Midway. Did you know that all of the wards in the Midway Stake are responsible for baking 250 loaves of Swiss bread for the annual Swiss Days?? What a cool community event!