Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Promised Land

Truly, we live in the best neighborhood in American history! Laurel was invited to run through the sprinkler with the neighbor's granddaughter, so I went over to supervise and had a great chat; another neighbor offered to help us move in; another neighbor gave us produce from her garden, not to mention the neighbor that left us a loaf of Swiss bread with a map of the street and contact info for all the residents.

And yes, we've had the heat on 2 out of 4 nights - brrrrr up here in the mountains.

We're planning on doing an open house in late July to have everyone on the street over.

I spent Friday morning in Orem picking up necessities at Target and Walmart and it was just so busy and traffic-y and I felt depressed (spending the big bucks to get the essentials for one's new home wasn't helpful either), but as soon as I drove into Provo Canyon my stress just evaporated. I cannot believe how stinking gorgeous it is up here!!

I keep telling Luke, "I think we should move here. I really do." Because I can't believe that we actually LIVE here. I love walking to the park and the grocery store and the post office.

I love eating our lunches and dinners outside. Laurel loves having a "pick-pick" for mealtime. Great b/c you don't have to pick up crumbs from the grass. I sit on the front steps with Dean while Laurel looks at ants and I love that the house has as split rail fence in the front - it gives Laurel a boundary from which she can't stray.

One evening we were eating dinner outside and the neighbor girl wandered over to show us a snail she had found - the same little girl that I bought a 50cent lemonade from the day before on another corner.

It's like being in a neighborhood. This is the best ever!!

Sign seen in the laundromat in Heber: No washing horse blankets in the machines!

What a culture.


Lianne Barr said...

That does sound like the best neighborhood ever! I wish ours was that friendly! You sound really great- I hope your trip went well . . . so what's the story? I know your moving in and settling but when you have time I would love to chat!

Paige said...

Wow, sounds great! I've been to Midway a few times and it sure is beautiful. So glad the people and neighborhood are nice, too.

Allison said...

What a dream! What a great place for kids to grow up ... I'm so happy for you!