Thursday, July 01, 2010

Accountability Project: 177.9 pounds (Week 10)

Well, we're going to pretend that it's Week 10 since I took a 2 week hiatus. And of course I gained weight - but my focus was so elsewhere, and needed to be. It's hard to pack, move, and unpack with a newborn and a gregarious toddler who wants to help but doesn't always succeed. But enough excuses.
This week I'm going to go back to the drawing board and just focus on the reasons I want to lose weight. And fit more walks into my fabulous walkable city!


anna said...

Okay, maybe I have been living in a cave. I kind of feel like that - I have missed out on so much of the exciting stuff going on for everyone. First, congratulations on Dean - he is so handsome and very, very cute. And, I love that name - it is one of my favorites and I am so glad that is has such significance for you guys.

Second, congratulations on the move - that is so wonderful. It sounds like heaven. We're up to our ears in water from Hurricane Andrew, so no walks for this little crew for a bit until the mugginess and mosquitoes settle down. Plus, Clarke is studying for his board exam, so we don't do much around here anyway :) But I am so thrilled for you guys and for Luke's new job.

Third, Laurel is so big!! I cannot believe it. She is a little girl and I remember her as a little baby.

Fourth, you are awesome to track your weight and I think your goals are so awesome. I think you need to have the right goals in mind - be healthy, etc - or it doesn't work. I have had my own battles with self-image, but for me, I have to remind myself that it doesn't matter what I look like and how people judge me, but just how I feel and if I am healthy. And I always thought you looked great. Maybe you just always want what you cannot have. Maybe I will bring that up this week with my psychiatrist :)

And mmmm, your story about Basta Pasta really makes me want to eat some pasta right now.

Lianne Barr said...

You are so awesome to be keeping yourself accountable this way, and you are doing so great! Keep up the good work. I am glad you have such a nice place to walk:)