Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sustaining and Defending the Constitution...

of the U.S. and "this state" that is. Yesterday I was sworn in as a member of the Planning Commission. We're currently revising the General Plan and I'm on the Moderate Income Housing and the Land Use Subcommittees. No surprise that Luke was also volunteered, as a member of the public, on the Economic Development Subcommittee. I love being this civic-ally involved! And I love swapping my mommy hat for my Amanda-the-adult-woman hat!

Accountability Project: 170.5 pounds (Week 17)

I skipped posting last week because my weight had creeped depressingly higher (mom in town, eating lots of goodies...) but now I'm back on the wagon. I've even been exercising religiously this week and I feel great!

Friday, August 13, 2010

You know you're living in Mayberry when...

...your next door neighbor calls you and asks you to run over and turn down their pot of beans on the stove because they don't want them to scorch before they get home from running errands.

Smart Girl

Laurel's afternoon nap lasted until 5pm today, and so I asked Luke to take her for a walk after dinner to wear her out. They hiked up most of our local Memorial Hill, and as they neared the top, Laurel said, "Daddy, carry me!"
After having her in his arms for a few steps, Laurel turns to him and says, "This is nice hiking!"
At least she didn't ask for a rikshaw!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Laurel's First Haircut and Lunchtime Photo Shoot

I really had to cajole Luke into letting me trim Laurel's hair. We took off 2 inches, and she managed to keep some of her curl. Whew!

Laurel's Adorable Sun Hat

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Accountability Project: 171.5 pounds (Week 15)

Yeah, I know I didn't post anything last week. Because I pulled my back and couldn't exercise and my weight stayed the same and my back is still sensitive and I really want to burn some calories but I really need to take care of my body so that I can be a functioning mommy to my two little kidlets. And of course I want chocolate chip cookies to compensate. Pbbbb.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Out of character antique purchase

I've been needing some height in this corner of the living room, and I thought it would come in lieu of a rubber plant or fig tree. (In some magical future when I could afford to buy those things.) But I was yard sale-ing with my inlaws yesterday. (My mother-in-law sells reinvented furniture and scouts cheap furniture to makeover. She claims our Wasatch County yard sales are loads better than those in Payson. Well, yes, my mountain valley rocks!)

Anyway. Some owners of an antique store were selling some damaged pieces, and I pulled up to the house and immediately was drawn to this piece. Inlaid wood: walnut, zebra wood and other beauties. Handles to die for. 1940s Waterfall style. And it was only $45. I hemmed and hawed. I didn't need it. I don't need it. I circled it like it was a delicious chicken cacciatore from Basta Pasta. But the wood! The detail! I tried to drive away but I couldn't. I asked if they would take $40. It came home with me.

I may sell it on Craigslist for more than I paid for it. It doesn't quite fit with my style, and I can't quite make it perfect in the living room - the space needs to be about 5 feet longer. But in the meantime. I drool over it. And over Luke of course, but even Luke doesn't have architecture like this!

The living room

Eclectic, huh? Yeah. I didn't stage the room for this photo, it's just there in all its unswept, kid-friendly glory. But I know my little sister has been dying to see what the house looks like. This is definitely stage 1. Picture the couch slip-covered in a white twill with box pleats, the flowered chair slip-covered in a matching white, and some fabulous rug on the floor. I have a feeling I may spend my life looking for the perfect living room rug..and saving up to afford it! And yes, I know that a rug should go underneath the coffee table, but busy little hands and knees need more space to play on and my cheap Target rug is only so big..Story on the slipper chair: my mother bought it at a yard sale when I was in fifth grade, and I always campaigned to have it in my room...nineteen years later she kindly consented to let me bring it West with me. It's only the most comfortable piece ever! The velvet green drapes came with the house: imagine white linens in their place. And doncha just love my mid-century orange chair? Found at an antique market in Austin. I'm only slightly obsessed with orange. I don't quite know why. It's always been a cheery color to me, but I can't wear it with my skin tone, so I guess I just like to have it around me. The trunk is one of my father's Marine Corps relics, and I stored my pretties in it growing up. I can't bring myself to paint it - love the M.C. stenciled on the top. It was pretty beat up, but the worn look just speaks volumes. My mother-in-law stained the beat up edges in a dark stain for me and it looks even better!
It's been really fun to play amateur decorator in a "grown-up house". I'm hardly an interior design wizard - any suggestions are welcome!

$1 is the best price for original artwork

Well, free is better. But. I saw this piece in a dingy brown frame at a yard sale a week ago and kept coming back to it. I loved the color of the sky but I couldn't decide in the hot summer sun if it would actually work in our home. But for $1 it's worth taking the risk. But after getting it home I love it - something painted by a random someone of part of the Seine? (Here's where I wish I spoke French.) I spray painted the frame last week, although looking back I should have used a flat white instead of a gloss white. I'll fix it some other time. But cool, huh? I love the painting's perspective.

Happy Boy

He loves sitting in his high chair at the table with us!

Doesn't Laurel look old in this photo???

Styling Shelves

I've always wanted to have a "styled" bookcase, and as our dining area has a built-in, I thought that I'd put all my cookbooks there. When Laurel was napping one afternoon, I did all of these shelves, all while holding Dean in one arm. i think it's pretty good for my first try. The rhythmic organizing must have been calming, because by the time I was done, I had a sleeping boy in hand! Kind of an awkward angle to nap, but whatever works. Really wish I could paint the unit white...