Sunday, August 01, 2010

The living room

Eclectic, huh? Yeah. I didn't stage the room for this photo, it's just there in all its unswept, kid-friendly glory. But I know my little sister has been dying to see what the house looks like. This is definitely stage 1. Picture the couch slip-covered in a white twill with box pleats, the flowered chair slip-covered in a matching white, and some fabulous rug on the floor. I have a feeling I may spend my life looking for the perfect living room rug..and saving up to afford it! And yes, I know that a rug should go underneath the coffee table, but busy little hands and knees need more space to play on and my cheap Target rug is only so big..Story on the slipper chair: my mother bought it at a yard sale when I was in fifth grade, and I always campaigned to have it in my room...nineteen years later she kindly consented to let me bring it West with me. It's only the most comfortable piece ever! The velvet green drapes came with the house: imagine white linens in their place. And doncha just love my mid-century orange chair? Found at an antique market in Austin. I'm only slightly obsessed with orange. I don't quite know why. It's always been a cheery color to me, but I can't wear it with my skin tone, so I guess I just like to have it around me. The trunk is one of my father's Marine Corps relics, and I stored my pretties in it growing up. I can't bring myself to paint it - love the M.C. stenciled on the top. It was pretty beat up, but the worn look just speaks volumes. My mother-in-law stained the beat up edges in a dark stain for me and it looks even better!
It's been really fun to play amateur decorator in a "grown-up house". I'm hardly an interior design wizard - any suggestions are welcome!

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