Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Never Thought I'd Hear the Day

When my husband would call from work to say, "I'm going to go golf a few holes"

The Heber Valley's annual golf tournament and economic summit, which he's in charge of, is today and my spouse has zero golf experience. But he's been wanting to learn. And the team with the lowest score wins free golf lessons from Red Ledges, so maybe he'll get lucky....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Laurel Rocking Out at Swiss Days

This is actually when she was getting tired - she was much more spastic during the earlier music performances.
Easily the most unique performance was Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" - performed by a man wearing lederhosen, playing an accordian, and yodeling during the chorus.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Swiss Days Prep

In spite of hosting 100,000 visitors over the course of the Friday and Saturday before Labor Day, Swiss Days in Midway still feels like a neighborhood party. Mostly because all the neighbors help. Collectively, the Midway Stake made thousands of swiss lace cookies and hundreds of loaves of Swiss Bread. The cannery on Main Street was hopping for two months prepping the baked goods.

Many ward members took a shift or two at their assigned food tents. (Our ward had the Fruit and Cream booth.) I stopped by our booth before my shift to taste the goods I'd be selling, and asked where the cream was. Turns out that we use a very special sort of cream: liquid vanilla ice cream before the air is whipped into it to make it a solid. People: you know the best ice cream is the melty part when you taste it after getting it home from the grocery store on a hot day!

The Relief Society tent, where the baked goods are sold, was packed. In addition to the Swiss-style goods, members did a lot of home baking. Laurel and I used cookie cutters on my favorite King Arthur brownie recipe and had a blast. My neighbors had a blast too when I brought them each piles of leftover brownie - you know, the edges left behind when we cut those hearts out. Weird looking but highly edible.

Oh, and the proceeds from Swiss Days? 50% to the Midway Boosters (city organization for beautification etc.) and 50% to the Church's Missionary Fund.

Cowboy Poetry Fundraiser

The first week in November is Cowboy Poetry Week in Heber City, and Luke and I attended a fundraiser for it last week. We were told to wear Western Dress. Course Luke told me about the dress code half an hour before we were set to leave. Some quick thinking and closet excavating resulted in Luke with a bolo tie and me wearing a turquoise necklace and Luke's grandfather's cowboy boots.
The evening was billed as food and entertainment. I thought we'd get a cowboy poem or two, but our steak dinner was followed by a full hour of cowboy ballads and poetry. I can't tell you how much fun I had! Love some old timey music, and the poetry - well, you should hear the one about the "Bicycle Buckaroo". A cowboy's impression of cyclists taking over his back country trails "huffing and puffing and fluffing" their way up the hills wearing pink and powder blue spandex. Hilarious!

The Potty Plate

A few weeks after we moved here I decided to potty train Laurel. The girl loves her some stickers, but with all the moving-in chaos I didn't have so much as a piece of computer paper to create a sticker incentive chart. Besides toilet paper, the only paper product on hand were some leftover paper plates from our potluck. Thus, the potty plate was born. And yes, it was quite effective.

Free Couch!

We took our Achievement Day girls to a local museum, and the owner had a section filled with vintage couches reserved for lectures. I told him that if he ever wanted to get rid of this baby that I'd be interested - I loved its size and its glam factor. He called me two days later and said I could have it.
After being cleaned I put it in the office. Years ago I saw a picture in a shelter magazine of an office with a scrumptious couch by the computer and I thought it was a great idea. I've loved curling up with my reading the past couple of weeks while Luke has been busy writing his syllabus and lectures. (He's teaching a course at UVU this semester.)
Can't you just see it reupholstered in a creamy or silvery linen!? (Although that blue velvet is pretty dope!)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fall is here

I was talking with a neighbor last week in the evening and had commented on how brisk it was outside at 8pm. She nodded and in all seriousness said, "Yes, it starts getting cool here around August 21st every year."

August 21st! What do my Southern friends have to say to that?


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