Thursday, September 09, 2010

Cowboy Poetry Fundraiser

The first week in November is Cowboy Poetry Week in Heber City, and Luke and I attended a fundraiser for it last week. We were told to wear Western Dress. Course Luke told me about the dress code half an hour before we were set to leave. Some quick thinking and closet excavating resulted in Luke with a bolo tie and me wearing a turquoise necklace and Luke's grandfather's cowboy boots.
The evening was billed as food and entertainment. I thought we'd get a cowboy poem or two, but our steak dinner was followed by a full hour of cowboy ballads and poetry. I can't tell you how much fun I had! Love some old timey music, and the poetry - well, you should hear the one about the "Bicycle Buckaroo". A cowboy's impression of cyclists taking over his back country trails "huffing and puffing and fluffing" their way up the hills wearing pink and powder blue spandex. Hilarious!

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