Thursday, September 09, 2010

Swiss Days Prep

In spite of hosting 100,000 visitors over the course of the Friday and Saturday before Labor Day, Swiss Days in Midway still feels like a neighborhood party. Mostly because all the neighbors help. Collectively, the Midway Stake made thousands of swiss lace cookies and hundreds of loaves of Swiss Bread. The cannery on Main Street was hopping for two months prepping the baked goods.

Many ward members took a shift or two at their assigned food tents. (Our ward had the Fruit and Cream booth.) I stopped by our booth before my shift to taste the goods I'd be selling, and asked where the cream was. Turns out that we use a very special sort of cream: liquid vanilla ice cream before the air is whipped into it to make it a solid. People: you know the best ice cream is the melty part when you taste it after getting it home from the grocery store on a hot day!

The Relief Society tent, where the baked goods are sold, was packed. In addition to the Swiss-style goods, members did a lot of home baking. Laurel and I used cookie cutters on my favorite King Arthur brownie recipe and had a blast. My neighbors had a blast too when I brought them each piles of leftover brownie - you know, the edges left behind when we cut those hearts out. Weird looking but highly edible.

Oh, and the proceeds from Swiss Days? 50% to the Midway Boosters (city organization for beautification etc.) and 50% to the Church's Missionary Fund.


Yogurl and Manburger said...

Your Swiss Days experience looks so much cooler than the year we went up when I was at BYU. Maybe we'll make it our for another one in the future. Patrick agrees that the best part of ice cream is the melty party, he even microwaves his to increase the melt factor. I'm sure you have Swiss bread coming out of your ears, but please eat a slice for us. It looks so pretty.

Allison said...

What a fun community event! It seriously sounds like you guys have found a dreamy mountain town. And Laurel is so adorable and grown-up!

mikbeth said...

Mmmm, I'll eat reject brownie crust anyday! They turned out super cute!
I can't say I've ever seen Luke in a baseball cap before! Well, now I have.