Sunday, October 31, 2010

And I'm 31...

I went to bed on the eve of my birthday and seriously shed some tears. 31 feels so much older than 30! 30 seems kind of hip, but 31 puts one officially in the thirties. I immediately wanted to buy a new wardrobe, grow out my hair, and buy expensive face cream. Sigh.
On the other hand, I did order the cake I've been lusting after for the past 4 years from Mrs. Backer's Bakery on South Temple. Marzipan buttercream frosting and raspberry filling. Delectable!

Laurel is 3!

Laurel wanted a pink cake - kind of like the one from the Cat in the Hat. I really had intentions to make a from-scratch strawberry cake, but realized that it's pale pink hue likely wouldn't suffice. Thus, a mix it was. (Cheaper too!) As much as I turn my nose up at cake mixes, you bet they are reliably moist. Topped it with homemade cream cheese frosting. On a whim, I decided that one should be able to eat birthday cake for breakfast...and for lunch....and for dinner. My VT companion dubbed me "coolest mom of the year"!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Handsome Boy

Laurel's "Cheese" Face

A Truck!

I finally caved and conceded that having a second set of wheels would be convenient for our family. Luke's secretary sold him her 1985 farm truck. As our mechanic said, "Either you dump a ton of money into a truck like this or you don't put any money into it." I think we're erring on the "no money" side.

It's strictly for use around the County (same size as our former state of Rhode Island!), and Luke will only use it a few days a week, but it will make things easier on days when I need to get the kids to the doctor or to the library.

Being in possession of both a collection of bolo ties and a Ford truck, Luke feels that he finally fits in here in Wasatch County.

Playing with Sharp Things

Laurel delegated the task of scooping the goop out to Luke. A good daddy daughter activity while I roasted a smaller pie pumpkin for pie filling and Dean crawled around on the floor, looking for errant pumpkin seeds.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cute Blonde in a Mercedes Roadster

Photo taken at our local coffee shop/ice cream place. Opa, the ice cream is a local Park City brand called "Yellow Snow".

Ground-breaking for the Rome Temple!!

The site for the temple grounds is where the current mission home is - Luke loved living at the Villa when he was working in the office.


Laurel is only wearing a pull-up at night, and we told her that we were going to reward her potty-using prowess with a trip to Dinosaurland this weekend. We were planning on driving the 2+ hours to Vernal, but after the stomach flu pounded our family, a trip less than an hour away to Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Natural History was a better use of our limited energy. It ended up being a Daddy/daughter adventure since I woke up Saturday morning with a wicked case of nausea and spent the day at home holding very still, trying not to lose my meals from the previous day.

An Interview with Miss Laurel E. Petertammenson Regarding Her Recent Expedition to Dinosaurland

LUKE: "What was your favorite thing about Dinosaurland?"

LAUREL: "going in those holes."

LUKE: What was your favorite dinosaur?

LAUREL: "Those baby ones."

LUKE: "What did you think of Tyrannosaurus Rex?

LAUREL: "My sister's friend saw ty-di-dah, did you ever see ty-di-dah? Ty-di-dah is really nice."

LUKE: "What did you think of the dinosaur that gave you a ride on his back?"

LAUREL: "I had a nice trip on it."

LUKE: "What did you think of the dinosaurs with the long necks?"

LAUREL: "They were happy."

LUKE: "Finally, would you recommend Dinosaurland to other big girls?"

LAUREL: "Yup."

Almost Three

And dressing herself. What you don't see underneath the white sweater is a long sleeved t shirt with pink, yellow, and orange stripes underneath the red and white dress. I told her that "no, you cannot wear your swimsuit over your jeans!"

The rewards of motherhood!

We've all had the stomach flu at our house; Laurel commenced the festivities by throwing up all night Monday night. After going through two sets of sheets I opted to sleep on her floor to try to help direct the throw-up's trajectory into a trash can instead of onto her bedding....
She stopped taking naps 2 weeks ago, but that afternoon I coaxed her into lying down with me in bed while Dean took his afternoon nap and she slept for three and a half hours.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Veggies are the best!

Laurel loves the weekly vegetable box from our local CSA. She loves playing with the peppers in particular. In this photo, she is holding the Mommy and Daddy peppers near all the little babies. She seriously played like this for half an hour - I was making gingersnaps at the time, and even cookie baking couldn't coax her away from her produce.

Potty Training Incentive

Laurel met a goal we had set for her and the whole family went to the local burger shack for fries and ice cream. She loved the train that is parked outside for the kiddos to eat at. And this is the "cheese" face she pulls almost every time I have the camera out.

Sad Face at 7 months

But really adorable too!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mommy's New Toy

Our neighbor was selling her $600 stroller for pennies on the dollar. It has been bliss to get an actual cardio workout - no more Laurel stopping every 2 feet to examine a flower or rock. Although we have toddler-oriented walks too, but this is strictly Mommy time. We took it for a 4 mile hike on a rocky trail on Columbus Day and those wheels just glided over everything in its path.
The kids are bundled up because when I leave for my walk around 11am, it's still only 45 degrees.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dino and His Toys: Almost 7 Months

He usually grins at me, but he was definitely befuddled by the camera in his face.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sheepdog Championship

We claimed seats on the bleachers at Soldier Hollow to watch sheepdogs herd sheep literally down the side of a mountain. The coolest thing ever. And our puppy-crazy little girl was in 7th Heaven. I was amazed at the diversity of attendees. The woman seated next to us was from Park City and her 3 girlfriends joined her on the bleachers with crackers, cheese, fruit, and bubbly to watch the festivities. I had no idea it was such a classy event. We're definitely bringing our own picnic next year.