Sunday, October 24, 2010


Laurel is only wearing a pull-up at night, and we told her that we were going to reward her potty-using prowess with a trip to Dinosaurland this weekend. We were planning on driving the 2+ hours to Vernal, but after the stomach flu pounded our family, a trip less than an hour away to Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Natural History was a better use of our limited energy. It ended up being a Daddy/daughter adventure since I woke up Saturday morning with a wicked case of nausea and spent the day at home holding very still, trying not to lose my meals from the previous day.

An Interview with Miss Laurel E. Petertammenson Regarding Her Recent Expedition to Dinosaurland

LUKE: "What was your favorite thing about Dinosaurland?"

LAUREL: "going in those holes."

LUKE: What was your favorite dinosaur?

LAUREL: "Those baby ones."

LUKE: "What did you think of Tyrannosaurus Rex?

LAUREL: "My sister's friend saw ty-di-dah, did you ever see ty-di-dah? Ty-di-dah is really nice."

LUKE: "What did you think of the dinosaur that gave you a ride on his back?"

LAUREL: "I had a nice trip on it."

LUKE: "What did you think of the dinosaurs with the long necks?"

LAUREL: "They were happy."

LUKE: "Finally, would you recommend Dinosaurland to other big girls?"

LAUREL: "Yup."


daddy said...

Still having more fun than the law allows. Ha. Great pictures.

Yogurl and Manburger said...

Love the Laurel interview. I'm glad she enjoyed her Daddy/daughter date. It's so fun to hang with your daddy all to yourself.