Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas at our House

I'm a fan of little table-top trees when the baby is at the "pull everything down" stage. And Whole Foods sells live ones, so I picked one up today and did my best at decorating it..I know my mother-in-law will see this and think, "Okay, Amanda, got to teach you about draping garlands!" Oh well.
I have so much Christmas cheer this year. Part of it is just due to the magical place we live - Midway's Swiss Christmas is this weekend and I'm stoked! Part of it is that we're back in Utah, where we belong, and Luke has a great job. Part of it is that I have two adorable little children and feel that the future is bright. We are so blessed. There's still things I could worry about, but worrying never fixed anything. Our cup truly runneth over.

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