Monday, December 13, 2010

How every mommy wants to start her weekend.

Friday, as I was putting the finishing touches on dinner, Laurel disappeared into her bathroom with an Ikea toy pot. I heard the water running, and figured she was filling her pot up with water, dumping it out, filling it up, dumping it out... When she closed the bathroom door and didn't emerge after a while, I ran to check on her. I opened the door, and she's in the process of pulling up her underpants. "Good job going potty by yourself, Laurel!"

And then I saw the pot on the floor. With urine in it.

Mercifully she didn't pee on the floor.

I think she got the idea from watching me clean out the car earlier in the day - she's fascinated by the travel potty I keep in the car "just in case".


Yogurl and Manburger said...

Hilarious! At least you caught her in the act so you didn't wonder later, why is my pot damp? She sure does have that "potty" training down, ha!

mikbeth said...

Aghhh! One of those things that can't be even remotely funny at the time, but it sure is hilarious later, right!! That's great!

Opa said...

You know she will never be poor, as long as she has "a pot to p--- in" as the old saying goes. What a fun little girl. Love Opa