Thursday, January 27, 2011

I don't feel like cooking today

So am thrilled to have remembered the tuna in my pantry. People, I love me a good tuna sandwich. Not one of those boring slippery wet tuna sandwiches ensconced in mayo. (Seriously, what is mayo really good for??) My father's recipe is our tried and true favorite, thick and bulky with added ingredients, and perfect on a sandwich with melted cheese and tomato. Yes, there is some mayo, but not much. I used 4 cans of tuna this morning and about 4 tablespoons of mayo.

3 cans tuna
spicy brown mustard (a little)
hot sauce
sweet pickles, chopped
onion, diced
5 hardboiled eggs
celery, chopped (optional)
garlic powder
black pepper


Jana said...

Oh no, the celery isn't optional! Sounds like mine except I ditch the sweet pickles in favor of chopped apple. :) Both sweet & crunchy, but I like the apple b/c it's unexpected.

Chelsi Ritter said...

i love tuna sandwiches!! i'm glad i'm not alone on this one. i usually just do the typical tuna and mustard thing, but i'll have to start playing around with it....

mikbeth said...

Mayo does have a place in 3 things: tuna, crab salad, and a nice thick tomato and dillweed sandwhich (that a had today for lunch and am still elated just remembering it). But beyond that, nah. Mayo just doesn't do it for me. Oh, and a nice coleslaw.