Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is so exciting with little ones - I had so many projects I wanted to do and books I wanted to read and stories I wanted to tell, but Christmas came so quickly upon us, that it seemed I didn't get to do much of what I had planned. And then there was the matter of our beautiful little tree - any of the other years I've been anxious to get the Christmas decorations down and "move on" - but I so loved the ambiance in our home. So Luke and I decided to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. (People, you know that they are actually the 12 days following Christmas, right?) We didn't do any of the "five geese a-laying" stuff, but we did do something Christmas-y on each day. For example, on the 2nd Day of Christmas we watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas together, another day we savored German chocolate Santas I had found in a post-Christmas reduced-candy sale at the grocery store. And I loved having the excuse to keep the Christmas decor out until Twelfth Night. I think this tradition is going to be a keeper!

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mikbeth said...

Wow, I totally love it! And that way you can enjoy a relaxed version of the holiday. My clever sister!