Sunday, February 13, 2011

License to Wolverine

I guess we're real Utah residents now. I need to get down to the Y to get a BYU license plate surround - then add on a Kennedy School window decal and one for UT too. We have too many institutions of higher ed between Luke and me. Oh, and the reason the UVU license plate won out over my alma mater: Luke is on the UVU alumni board, and there is a UVU campus in Wasatch County - all part of the economic development!
Speaking of college, I saw this shirt yesterday: "CTR - Choose the Red - Utah". Clever.


Yogurl and Manburger said...

But the real question is, Is the BYU license plate surround reflective?

Sarah said...

You guys are just too educated, it tends to make life complicated. So does that mean that the PhD program is a go?