Thursday, May 05, 2011

April VT Message

It seems that about every decade, there's a Visiting Teaching message in the Ensign that just hits me. I haven't been able to get April's out of my head, in particular Sister Beck's encouragement to "increase our offering". I confess my first reaction was "I have so much on my plate, what can I do more?". But of course this message comes from a place of love, and isn't an attempt to induce guilt-motivated behavior. So from this place of love, what offering can I increase? For me, at this time in my life, it's all about being more present with my children. There is so much to do! Sometimes I envy the simplicity of earlier times - yep, churning butter and cooking over a fire would be tremendously draining, but they didn't have to deal with essentially frivolous demands on their time. And they couldn't have done that much multi-tasking. I'm so good at multi-tasking, but as numerous scientific studies have shown, multi-tasking sacrifices quality in favor of perceived efficiency. And my kids are certainly quality. So I'm really trying to focus on being present with the kids and being more playful with them. When they want to play, of course I'm in the middle of doing dishes or cooking or...Last week, Laurel asked me to play with her while I was in the middle of doing the breakfast dishes. Normally I would have said "Let me take care of these dishes first", but by the time I finished she may have moved on to other things, and the opportunity would have been lost. So when she asked, I paused, pulled off my dish gloves and got down on the floor with her. It was the best! And I have to recommend Playful Parenting as a great resource for those of us who tend to be task-oriented in our relationships!

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