Thursday, May 05, 2011

Easter 2011

Gosh, I love Easter. I love living back in Utah, but my favorite holiday tradition by far is the one that we started back East of having people over for Easter. Although Luke's family made Easter Sunday plans, we weren't about to forego our tradition, so we moved it to Saturday night. Melt-in-your mouth pork loin, homemade rolls, and lamb cake. What's not to love? Btw, homemade rolls. People, I have been foolish enough to try to rely on Martha Stewart and Nigella Lawson yeast roll recipes. They're good but just not...delectable enough. On a whim, I tried this recipe, and it's yummy! Next year I'm going to try the traditional butterhorn recipe that apparently every elderly Mormon woman uses. Thanks, Rosalee!

Really, one day I'm going to pull out my tips and actually decorate this beast. In the meantime, we love our puppy cake!

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daddy said...

Maybe you just need a different lamb cake mold.