Friday, September 23, 2011

My Handyman

Dean is addicted to the screwdriver. I was removing and installing hardware in the kitchen, and he got right in there with me. (It's the same hardware, I'm just spraypainting the metal.) You can see the original blah wood color as well as the crisp Behr "Decorator White" we've freshened it up with. And you can see my kitchen's industrial carpet. Sigh. You win some, you lose some!

Happy Birthday, Luke!

I think he's pretty blessed, having scored home ownership and his dream job at his alma mater just before turning 31! And he loves his lawn mower - yes people, that is self-propulsion at its finest! I actually love this mower too - it gives you a great workout, and it ends up being rather relaxing without the blast of the motor disturbing the peace. Maybe strict HOAs will start requiring these to curb pesky noise pollution?

I love our little yard - it's just .24 of an acre, but the backyard is completely private thanks to our huge juniper trees. We've already planned next year's garden and I'm drying seeds in preparation!

Laurel's First Day of Preschool

Wow, does she love it! I mean LOOVVE it! And I love the backpack I found for her - girly, without being cartoon-y! (Biz, I do love Lydia's zebra print!)

Red Nail Polish Takes A Manly Turn

While staying at Zermatt, Dean wrangled my bright red nail polish from the counter and after banging repeatedly on the tile floor, it cascaded everywhere! I mean everywhere! I ended up throwing away his clothes and went through 2 bottles of nail polish remover attempting to get it off of both him and the floor. It wouldn't come out of his hair, and it gummed up the clippers, so we had to cut it out of his hair. The before photo is of a significantly cleaned up Dean. In the after, you'll see his fingernails remained a reddish hue for weeks!

Soldier Hollow Classic 2011

I love the "sheepdog festival" a little bit more than Swiss Days - the kids love it, it's less crowded, and there are fantastic food options. You should have seen me kick up the pace when I saw this delight! (And yes, they were light and scrumptious and homemade and I ate an entire bag!)

Swiss Days 2011

We so enjoyed our last Swiss Days as residents. I hadn't realized what cache that holds; Luke's job there over tourism and economic development always gave me a double excuse to chat people up, and after exchanging stats, visitors would always swoon, "You mean you actually LIVE here?!!?"

Laurel was so excited when she heard about the kids race during Swiss Days; that girl loves a good run. As we were between homes, I didn't have real running attire for her, but she did fine in her 100 yard dash in the shoes she was wearing.

Luke's oldest brother and his wife participate in craft fairs, and it was shocking that out of hundreds of vendors, Nick and Luke (his office participated) ended up in booths right across from each other.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Extreme Couponing

So as we don't have television at our house, I have a love/hate relationship with the one at our resort. Luke was working late one night so I caught an episode of "Extreme Couponing" on TLC. Oh my.

I'm all for reducing expenses. But all I saw in these people's carts were piles of processed foods with artificial colors, bounteous amounts of sugar...It was just depressing. I love a good case lot sale so that I can stock up on canned pineapple (how else can I make Thai curry year round?), but man - I just don't know about having piles of Gatorade and sodium-rich soup at my beck and call. But to each his own.