Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Nail Polish Takes A Manly Turn

While staying at Zermatt, Dean wrangled my bright red nail polish from the counter and after banging repeatedly on the tile floor, it cascaded everywhere! I mean everywhere! I ended up throwing away his clothes and went through 2 bottles of nail polish remover attempting to get it off of both him and the floor. It wouldn't come out of his hair, and it gummed up the clippers, so we had to cut it out of his hair. The before photo is of a significantly cleaned up Dean. In the after, you'll see his fingernails remained a reddish hue for weeks!


daddy said...

Great haircut, a little break-free would cut the polish in an instant, but might have some years away toxicity issues. What a fun little man. Love Opa

mikbeth said...

Fingernail polish is the WORST! Isaac had a bottle of lavender all over his hands, but that's nothing to your red! What a great story!