Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fall Is a Pumpkin Patch

I thought that an apple orchard's apple cider donuts were strictly a New England thing. Fortunately I found some in our backyard at the Big Red Barn in Santaquin. (Apple cider cake donuts being superior to any other cake donut, and any cake donut being superior to any yeast donut!) Laurel's preschool class had a field trip today, and it was a cool blustery hayride. Her preschool class seems enormous - but the field trip was combined with the morning and afternoon kids, the T/Th attendees, and there are 5 teachers and 2 classes at each preschool session on each day. (Sidenote: running a preschool is a great business, we pay a healthy tuition but love our return - enthusiastic teachers, the pledge and a patriotic song each morning, lots of learning...I salute my friends who homeschool but I sure couldn't do it!)


Yogurl and Manburger said...

Every apple orchard out here seems to sell apple cider donuts too. While good, they just lack some serious apple cider pow. I love the harvest part of fall. Glad you all had a fun time on Laurel's field trip.

daddy said...

Looks like a cold morning. "There's something about a man and a truck", Dean looks like he had a good time too. I bet Laurel learns something new everyday. What a couple of cuties. Love Opa.

mikbeth said...

I love my little blondinos! It must be fun to have a lovely autumn. Ours doesn't get here til... December. Enjoy those crisp fall days for me!