Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best Holiday Ever

Well, at least for Luke; he loves Thanksgiving, and if at all possible he takes the entire week off from work. It's been warmer than usual, so the kids really enjoyed running around in the backyard while Luke finished removing sod for our three raised beds and putting the first 2 frames in. (Note: Husbands are very sexy when yielding pickaxes!) He composted some leaves to nourish the soil during the winter and Laurel can't figure out why we have to wait until spring to plant. We still need to clear our northeast corner of black plastic from the previous owners so that we can prep the ground for either raspberries or squash.

Although we weren't assigned to bring pies to Thanksgiving dinner, of course I had to make several. I have been craving chocolate cream pies, so I experimented with two chocolate recipes with meringue toppings, as well as my usual cranberry meringue, and a pecan pie that we left at home so that Luke could enjoy it all by himself. Luke spent Friday making "Thanksgiving 2" for our own family: mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, and the most amazing gravy. The kids really enjoyed their leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches with a bit of the cranberry from the pie thrown in for good measure. I'll make my favorite Dorie Greenspan pumpkin pie probably today.

I'm at 14 weeks and haven't had any issues for 2 weeks now, so I think the placenta is just about formed and we're all breathing easier around here.

Christmas is coming! All my neighbors have their Christmas decorations up but I refuse to pull out my Christmas box until December. Although I would normally wait until St. Nicholas Day to decorate (December 6th), I think I'll concede to the neighborhood peer pressure and do it on December 1st this year. Don't want the neighbors to think we're some sort of Mormon/Jehovah Witness blend that don't celebrate the holidays! Hah!