Friday, December 09, 2011

Pizza Hut Marketing Works 23 Years Later!

Once the weather turns consistently cold, I crave carbs. Especially this year, since we found out in October that Luke has a raging sensitivity to wheat flour - so our homemade pizza parties aren't quite as much family fun. Sigh.
I've had a very specific craving for the last two weeks, so decided to finally indulge. Anyone else participate in those reading programs in elementary school or at the public library where the prize was a personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut? For whatever reason, my body wanted one BAD!! Of course, I knew the size of a personal pan pizza wouldn't cut it - so I was very pleased to see that you can order any size pizza with the pan pizza crust. Oh man oh man oh man!! People, I make a delicious homemade pizza, but sometimes you gotta cater to those childhood food memories. And wow, that was a good pizza - I tore through a medium one for lunch, trying to be fair in giving the kids their own slices. But it was bliss! And exactly like I remembered! Thank you Pizza Hut, and you can bet I'll be back when the next craving strikes!