Monday, January 30, 2012

Product Endorsement

We were given a Blendtec blender over the holidays and it has been a busy appliance; I think we've gone all of 2 days not using it since we received it in mid-December. Luke makes a mean "orange julius": a little bit of milk, 3 oranges, a clementine, vanilla, and occasionally some agave syrup if the oranges are too tart. The kids are adorable with their smoothie mustaches. I'm just thrilled that I can stick a whole peeled orange in the blender and it's pulverized, healthy pulp and all!

New Calling

Yesterday was my first Sunday as the Primary Music Leader. I've felt this calling coming ever since we left Rhode Island - probably because I spent 2 presidencies substituting for our own music leader when she was frequently out of town. Just because I felt like it was coming doesn't mean that I was thrilled about accepting the call. Our time back East had me serving in every auxiliary a woman can - except for Relief Society. And since our move back to Utah about 18 months ago, I have relished being in Relief Society every Sunday.
But you know what? Primary is just the best! Those adorable kids - some of them are so bright! And I love coaxing a smile out of the ones that seem grumpy. My sister commented that this was her favorite calling, and I think I'm beginning to understand the appeal. I'm just grateful for the myriad blogs etc. that have creative resources for music leaders; I hate reinventing the wheel and goodness knows I'm not particularly crafty!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sundays are Great Days

1. I declared it paper plate day. Fewer dishes to wash! I can't quite stomach the idea of plastic utensils or cups though; maybe after I'm the mom of 3!

2. We moved FHE to Sunday afternoons. My kids are little and in bed early, and trying to squeeze Family Home Evening into Monday night and still have a relaxing evening with the hour or so between Luke getting home and bedtime was just monstrous. Our lives are so much less stressful now!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Morning

Just some quick pics - my favorite is of Luke's Christmas morning pompadour. And yes, he LOVES that present! I never could bring myself to try them in Italy, but Luke has missed them for the past seven years!

Dinosaur Land

Laurel achieved another milestone, and her reward was another trip to Dinosaur Land! We love this place - when the kids are older it will be worth buying a family pass to Thanksgiving Point.

20 Weeks

Oh, we're having a girl! I finally get my Anne - we're very excited!