Monday, January 30, 2012

New Calling

Yesterday was my first Sunday as the Primary Music Leader. I've felt this calling coming ever since we left Rhode Island - probably because I spent 2 presidencies substituting for our own music leader when she was frequently out of town. Just because I felt like it was coming doesn't mean that I was thrilled about accepting the call. Our time back East had me serving in every auxiliary a woman can - except for Relief Society. And since our move back to Utah about 18 months ago, I have relished being in Relief Society every Sunday.
But you know what? Primary is just the best! Those adorable kids - some of them are so bright! And I love coaxing a smile out of the ones that seem grumpy. My sister commented that this was her favorite calling, and I think I'm beginning to understand the appeal. I'm just grateful for the myriad blogs etc. that have creative resources for music leaders; I hate reinventing the wheel and goodness knows I'm not particularly crafty!

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