Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bathroom Redo

Well, the very first stages at least. There are so many looks I want to try in my home, but some seem riskier than others. So what better place to put a decorating experiment than in a bathroom? I've coveted stripes for a long time and thought that black accents would be interesting and well outside my comfort zone.

Many thanks to my family for Home Depot Christmas gifts; love my new light fixture - especially in love with my LED bulbs. Still need to switch out for a white sink top and a brushed nickel lever handled faucet, but it's been surprisingly fun to save up for these. The mirror is a placeholder; I'll have beveled plate glass eventually, and will just move the $6 thrift store mirror to above the toilet. (Plate glass you say? So early 90s? Yes, but this is our family's main bathroom, and the kiddos love to look at themselves in the mirror, so I've decided to stretch mirror from vanity to light fixture. SO much easier for little ones to see themselves while they're brushing their teeth!) I love mirrors any and everywhere, especially in such a small space. I'm so happy with the stripes; Cristie did an amazing job!

Master Bedroom

Luke picked the wall color; I'm still iffy on the wreaths, and need to add photos to the frames on the wall. The fabric on the bed I'd like to use to cover a lumbar pillow. I've had this fabric since I discovered it in a Calico Corners in Austin, and have dreamt up a million ways to use it in my home; I never thought I'd be so in love with a floral! I love our white white bedding, but it does need color (although our sheets are a pale blue). I hope to eventually add a yard or so of colored fabric to the comforter cover as a border to relieve the white.

Post Hot Chocolate Happies

Sabbath Snow Days

We haven't had any snow for the past 2 weeks, except for freak all-day snow on Sundays. The kids love to help shovel, so we stuffed Laurel's church dress into her snow bibs (as if you could get that girl to take off a dress!) and enjoyed some exercise - while I stayed inside away from the ice and snow and made hot chocolate. We're not quite sure why Laurel added Dean's hard hat as an accessory. She looks kind of Village People - and Dean looks like a New England dairy farmer!

Enough photos, mom! Let's go outside!

26.5 Weeks