Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have 2 major food loves

They are 1) cake and 2) burgers. I have such a visceral reaction to both, and am very opinionated on them. For cake, none of this sheet cake nonsense. It needs to be at least 2 thick layers, and it needs to be from scratch, and the frosting better be butter-based. As far as burgers, Luke bemoans the fact that I had to have a burger and fry palate cleanser during our two and a half weeks in Italy ($26 from the fancy hotel that caters to wealthy Americans!) I had the best to-date from Provo's hip Communal restaurant a week ago. For our Christmas present, Luke and I were going to go out to a nice dinner, but it just hadn't happened. We finally made it out this month and targeted this locally-sourced, often organic restaurant. Their burger was on the lunch menu, but of course the babysitter was coming at dinnertime. I called ahead, and on behalf of my pregnant self, basically begged for a burger at dinner time. It was delicious! Like many places, they grind their own chuck, but the addition of bacon into the mix really ups the ante. I told Luke that when the baby comes, I'm going to need one as part of my post-labor replenishment diet!

There is a point to this mini-essay. I was talking about jello with a friend on Sunday, and shared with her that when I was ill when I was 10, turning 11, and on a liquid diet for months, my birthday cake was orange jello with candles in it. Sad. Thank you, Mom, as it was the only thing I could eat, and she did make me a proper birthday cake when my doctor cleared me for solids again, but wow! During this same liquid diet stage I had a dream about burgers and fries. I basically strong-armed my mom into taking me to Hardees after my doc said I could have solids. I told my friend this story, and then thought - hey, that must be where my food loves come from. Try being 10 and 11 and being deprived of normal food - and apparently my subconscious knew that cake and burgers were the epitome of normal food. ????
How's that for some epicurean pop psychology?

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Cheryl and William said...

That burger at Communal sounds amazing! I will definitely have to try it ;-) My major craving during my pregnancy was an animal style In-n-Out burger with animal fries. I literally had them at least once a week, usually more.

And I absolutely love good cake as well, and the frosting is so key!

That is pretty neat how you can trace back to exactly why you love these foods. Please share more of your epicurean insights, as well as any more recommendations you have!!