Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our basement

I've never been excited about basements; in fact, my dream house wouldn't have one. But our home's basement is lovely - and especially now that the weather is warming up, I see the appeal. And it's great to have a bonus living space. Our basement is just one big room, but it's filled with light from the two large windows. I'm so grateful to have natural light! This is just a view down the stairs - the white "wainscoting" was originally dark wood paneling - yuck! It's so much fresher now. And I love the other paint color; it's Martha Stewart's Love-In-A-Mist , and it is just the happiest pale blue. If I had my druthers I'd paint the whole house in it. And the bags/aprons hanging in the stairwell are copied from my mother. There isn't enough room in the front closet for those pesky church bags for myself and the kids, so hanging them in the stairwell from 3M hooks has been a great short term solution. Thanks mom!

Before and After

The black and white shower curtain was cool in that its graphic quality mirrored the paint job, but I've been hankering for one a little less "model home" and particularly one in a shade of blue. I found this $10 beauty at Walmart and love the softness it adds to the room.

Saturday Warrior

My lumberjack and his little helpers

We have more opportunistic aspens in the front yard - and they have to go as we want to put the nectarine tree here instead.

Our House

I don't think I've ever posted a picture of the front of the house. I will say that I was NEVER interested in a split-level; my dream house is a 1970s one-level ranch, but we really feel that we were led to this house/neighborhood/ward, so we're happy - and it was a great price. The landscaping in summer looks awesome - now, not so much. We love the rocks, but I have plans for this plot by the front door. It will have to wait until next year as we're putting all extra money into fruit/vegetable producing garden things right now. It will be even more awesome when we jettison the swamp cooler on the roof and install central air, but I have a feeling that is WAY low on the list of priorities!

2012 Easter

Long ago I came to peace with the fact that I'm not willing to take the time to make gorgeous lamb cakes, but this year's looked the least like a puppy - maybe because I actually used decorating bags and tips for the entire thing. It was fun to play with - good thing Dean was down for a nap or else he would have been fighting me for the privilege to squeeze frosting!
The kids received a little present from Oma and Opa in their baskets (Laurel made hers at preschool), and I picked up an overpriced loaf of bread at Great Harvest. The "bunny" was kind of cute, and made great french toast.

Dino on Easter: balls are better than eggs

Sunday, April 01, 2012


So these are the three views from our dining area window. Luke built the two garden boxes and rescued the weathered, warped boxes on the left from his mother's yard. By force of will and wood braces on either side of the box walls, he has made it stick together. Hey, reclaimed lumber = free lumber! We really need to take some electric pruners to the juniper trees, but that's a project for another time. We're (Luke is) spending all our time filling boxes with soil, sprouting seeds, clearing sod, working a job, caring for children...yard work really could take one's entire day! I commented to Luke that I couldn't remember how we spent time together as a family before there was yard work - it's so fun. These days, I just sit in a lawn chair and watch, and the kids happily alternate between hovering at Luke's elbow and kicking balls, collecting rocks, or corralling insects. It's a wonderful life!

Luke's Never Been So Relaxed

What did Luke do after the priesthood session? Took off his tie and went to work forming a walking stick out of a young aspen we removed from our yard. (Beautiful trees, but invasive species!) We love our little covered patio - yep, it's dated and then some, but it's great. We had had friends over for lunch between sessions and just left the table outside because the weather was divine!
And how about that disheveled hair? Yes, he had taken a shower, but was doing some quick yard work between sessions, and it blew dry in the Utah wind making him look slightly crazy.