Sunday, April 01, 2012


So these are the three views from our dining area window. Luke built the two garden boxes and rescued the weathered, warped boxes on the left from his mother's yard. By force of will and wood braces on either side of the box walls, he has made it stick together. Hey, reclaimed lumber = free lumber! We really need to take some electric pruners to the juniper trees, but that's a project for another time. We're (Luke is) spending all our time filling boxes with soil, sprouting seeds, clearing sod, working a job, caring for children...yard work really could take one's entire day! I commented to Luke that I couldn't remember how we spent time together as a family before there was yard work - it's so fun. These days, I just sit in a lawn chair and watch, and the kids happily alternate between hovering at Luke's elbow and kicking balls, collecting rocks, or corralling insects. It's a wonderful life!

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Chelsi Ritter said...

3 things: your backyard is beautiful; your grass looks awesome!
noticed the jiffy pots on the patio table....nice.
and 3) sooo with you on the cake!! buttercream frosting all the way, and if i had my choice more of it in-between layers. aaand a huge glass of milk to go with it!!