Thursday, July 26, 2012

June Bounty

I cut the roses back so drastically last fall, I wasn't sure how they'd do this year.  I was at a ward social, and the husband of a nearby neighbor was trying to figure out where we lived. His wife said, "It's on ---- East, the house with the gorgeous roses!"  Who knew?  So glad the previous owners did all the work for me!

The Perfect Five Week Accessory

Laurel runs a 13 minute mile

 Laurel enjoyed the kids race during Swiss Days and was eager to run in Payson's Scottish Festival "sprint".  But we discovered upon arrival that there weren't different age brackets and distances: there was only one kids race, and it was a solid mile.  A mile! For a 4 and a half year old!  Luke went with her, and he said that she began to slow down at one section and then said out loud "I can't slow down; I ate all those pancakes for breakfast!"  Backstory: that morning she was just eating the fruit off the pancakes, and Luke told her if she wanted energy for her race, she needed to eat the actual pancake.  It's good to know she's so self-motivated.  And her finish time really was 13:01:00.  I'm hopeful we've discovered her talent that will pay for college!