Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Off to the Ball

UVU's annual Presidential Scholarship Ball is my favorite event of the year!  Great food, great clothes, great company - and they raise money for students!

Luke's Birthday

Happy 32nd!  To celebrate, Luke took us all to the planetarium - which followed a necessary side trip to Mrs. Backer's bakery.  We'd never tried the apple fritters and we agreed they were the best we've had!

Five and a Half Months

Basil or Bust

There is no such thing as enough basil, nor is there such a thing as enough homemade pesto. We're planning on at least 10 plants next year...

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Dean decided to go one better than Scarface; he can build his weapon too!

Summer Adventures

Lots of hiking with dad, and a trip to Hogle Zoo; their new polar bear exhibit is awesome! Dean's grimaces are what you get when you ask him to "Smile!" these days.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Playing Princess

Laurel wanted to show Daddy her dress-up, and when she came down the stairs, she turned into this twirling coquette. She's a vivacious little thing, and I could just imagine her in 12 years at her first prom.  Heaven help us.