Friday, July 26, 2013

Glacier National Park

We narrowly survived the 8 hour drive to Missoula, but then decided to travel another 2.5 hours to see Glacier National Park and the National Bison Range.  Every since I saw a picture of Glacier in my southwestern Georgia middle school, I've thought it would be the choicest of all the national parks.  I don't have a bucket list, but this would have been one of the oldest items on such a list! (The Canadian Visitor's Center at Glacier is wonderful - you're practically in Canada, their tourism bureau just wants you to go a bit farther...)
We were so proud of the kids - Laurel hiked every step of the 4 miles round trip to Avalanche Lake, DR logged about 3 miles, and our sweet baby was mostly on Daddy's shoulders (and garnered the most "ooooh, that's the cutest baby" all along the trail from sweaty hikers).  I didn't realize what a lark it could be hiking to such a destination, just because of all the people we met.  From all over the world - small children are a great conversation starter!


Luke needed to do some book research, so we had the perfect excuse to go to Montana - and where better than crunchy Missoula? We toured the Grizzly campus, ate the best homemade bucatini (homemade bucatini!!), visited a ghost town, and got in lots of hiking.  Laurel and Luke hiked to the "L" mountain 2 blocks from our rented bungalow several times and Dean pretended to be a "deer" in almost every photo!