Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dance Class

She REALLY wanted to take a dance class - and I dragged my feet.  But she's always a bundle of energy; she prefers to skip/hop everywhere. We went to the dentist this week and she said I could wait in the waiting room. The hygienist commented that "she really gets around, doesn't she?"  And I was thinking "You can tell that from just having her sit in your chair???!!" But my mother convinced me that no harm could come from it (thank you, Oma!), and she has had so much fun.  An hour a week, half ballet and half tap. She's the tallest girl in the room - surprise - and gets distracted from listening to the teacher by her beautiful self in the mirror...

Princess Party

She'd been jonesing for a tea party, and I kept putting her off.  But really, how hard is it to have a few girls over for dress up and "pretty" food?  We kept it to 2 hours and had a dancing party and princess coloring pages and curtsy practice and walking-elegantly-down-stairs practice and it was such a blast and it made for a very happy daughter. 

First Day of School

Now we follow the academic year not only because Luke works at a university.  I cried when I droped her off, and I teared up when I picked her up three hours later. Sigh!  (LOVE uniforms!!)

Three and a Half