Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I LOVE when it's warm enough to have the doors open; my green door makes me smile every time.  And the kids were happily playing with blocks - just had to capture the moment. 

Deer Valley Montage room

As requested from my family:  I enjoyed piggy-backing on Luke's Park City conference last week - a good book, some Law & Order, and green tea/persimmon white chocolate dipped treats at turndown...Yes please!


We ate chili out of pumpkins and it was delicious - I loved scraping the cooked pumpkin into the chili.  Seriously yum and wow they look pretty impressive!  We saved the seeds so we have plenty of pie pumpkins next year.  At the last minute, L decided that she couldn't be a superhero after all - the pull of an elegant dress is too much.  We have SuperDean and a hand-me-down fairy as well.

My eldest is 6!

She had so much fun sewing with Oma this summer, and requested "sewing stuff" for her birthday.  Grandma and she have already made a skirt for her dolls.


I've always thought that bow ties look funny on some people, and I think I've figured out that people with a narrow face just look out of proportion with one on - fortunately, Dean's broad cute cheeks balance it out well - Opa, I think we need more of these! This is a brown tweedy wool that Laurel won at a raffle recently.

Laurel's First Award

Luke wants to frame it - Laurel was first in her class to receive the monthly Builder Award for her enthusiasm and willingness to help others (kind of like a Good Citizenship award).  Anyone else see from whom Laurel inherited her jawline?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Festivities

Our inaugural sweet potato harvest, and Dean's preschool visit to the Pumpkin Patch. 

September in Fish Lake

Relaxing and so wonderful to take the drive with our 3 children - when once before it had been just Luke and me - when children were just a pipe dream!  And there they were, 3 little ones snuggled in the back!