Sunday, December 29, 2013

What happens when you help Daddy shovel

Midway Swiss Christmas

The children's dress up room is the best!

Happy Daddy on His 2-Week Vacation

Thank you, university job!

Christmas Trees

After we put up ours, the kids made their own.  See how they decorated them with ornaments?  I really love blocks!

The Skeleton Shirt

A hand-me-down from a neighbor, but it is by far the favorite in his drawer. And isn't that a nice truck that he built?

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Appropriating Daddy's Hat

Industrial, please

Sisters, we needed a new floor lamp and I found this at Target and love it!  Just thought you might want to see it!

Our Personal Chipmunk

Backyard Shenanigans

We're finally done installing new windows in our 1974 home, and the kids (from our home and next door) had a blast playing with the random accouterments.  They were making a house.  (And yes, we tackily leave the dead plants in the garden boxes until spring b/c otherwise our neighbor's cats use the boxes as giant litter resources during the winter. It's quite effective!)