Monday, January 27, 2014

One of our home's best attributes:

A sprint-able loop through the kitchen/dining and living room.  We regularly instigate a race prior to getting the kids in their church clothes - it makes for a more mellow sacrament meeting!

DR's newest accessory

Because he has his mother's optic nerve in the left eye...

Christmas Morning

Laurel wanted an instrument for Christmas...I wasn't ready to make a stringed instrument commitment yet!

One Eclectic Christmas Play

Gingerbread Houses

Luke and I snuck in a date to the grocery store to buy bulk candy - the kids were thrilled with their Christmas Eve surprise activity! Dean needed some structural reinforcements!

Christmas Break

It was positively blissful - Luke had two and a half weeks off and it was delightful! 

Staying Out of Trouble

Anne went through a dreadful fussy phase - mostly involving her teeth - bless her heart, I swear she had the most miserable time teething of all of my children - and if I couldn't hold her, I'd put her on the deep counter between the stove and sink while I was washing dishes or cooking dinner.