Monday, April 28, 2014

Do Not Laugh

We all know about my lack of cake decorating skills. But I thought DR would flip over a fire truck birthday cake. You get the's like an abstract creation. And it' the natural food dye (juice of purple carrots and beets) just didn't get any darker than a great blush. Oh well. He was pretty stoked. I think I'll try 7-minute frosting next time. 


Jill Terry said...

I love it! You are very talented!

daddy said...

Great cake. If the candles got out of control, you had the pumper already in place. Love Opa

Heather said...

So, fyi, I recently read a blog post about red food dye. To enhance the red-ness, add cocoa powder, just a bit and it doesn't add flavor but add color depth. I haven't tried it yet but for future reference it might create a deeper red, for the next fire truck cake :)