Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Real Christmas Tree

A proper, if slightly short for our higher ceilings, Christmas tree!  A friend let us on the secret of Baum's Christmas Tree Lot (yes girls, that is really the family's last name).  They have lovely trees, plus a few little babies.  See the white-flocked one in the corner?  At $8, I couldn't resist, and the kids loved decorating it.

Luke bought balloons for the family after Laurel got out of the hospital, and the kids have enjoyed parking them over the lights to give the room a green/blue/red cast. Opa, those are brand-new LED bulbs, so they don't get very hot.

On a new house note, I'm really looking forward to saving for a nice living room rug. The current rug is one I bought at Wal-mart to go on the back patio for staging when we sold the Payson home, and it's trendier than I like.


daddy said...

LEDs are way cool. Last forever and don't use much electricity. Great use of balloons. Every one looks so good. Happy new house. Love Opa

plr7fq said...

Oh, what a lovely house Amanda! I love your real tree.