Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

The kids love our Christmas Eve tradition. I'm grateful Luke is willing to help them finesse that sticky frosting!

Anne has a bug-eyed marzipan snowman. 

Dean was proud of his peppermint see-saw.

And my prednisone-cheeked cutie was proud of the snake corral in the back (gummy worms.)


daddy said...

Disassemble and dunk in a cup of milk as you eat them. What fun. When I was about three or four and Sandra was in school. Pam was taking a nap. Punky and I often sat at the table and dipped graham crackers in milk and ate them. Fond memories. Opa

plr7fq said...

Ooh, marzipan snowmen, yum! Love your Christmas traditions.