Saturday, July 04, 2015

Double Arch

We purposely kept our vacation very relaxed - we didn't want to feel like there was anything we "couldn't miss" - we're only three hours away, so we'll be back. But we decided to drive past Double Arch on the way out, and Dean was desperate to stop because there were kids swarming all over the boulders beneath it. I'm so glad we stopped. We'll bring a picnic next time! It was a wonderful, low-key visit. We went to the Moab Pool a few times - a great indoor/outdoor setup, visited the Farmer's Market and I had a killer chocolate-dipped chocolate-cherry popsicle. Wowee. Plus seeing old friends. And spying an 80% cacao Sharffenberger baking bar in a local market - I almost bought it, but decided that at $9, I didn't really need it!

Landscape Arch

This was our last hike on Saturday, and we had some great wildlife interactions. A young rattlesnake coiled and was willing to strike Laurel, our leader, because he wanted the right of way. Fortunately Luke recognizes the rattle sound - we gave him some space and he slithered across the trail.  Dean also found this wicked big ant!

Sand Arch

This was our destination on our first trip to Arches.  We borrowed our friend's sand toys, brought a picnic, and had a delightful time just relaxing in the shade. 

Balanced Rock

If you go, rent the audio cd tour from the Visitor's Center; there's a good story about Balanced Rock on it.


We have kind friends with a second home in Moab, and they let us use their home for our week-long visit. It was truly rejuvenating. I have wanted to see Delicate Arch since I was in 7th Grade, and it didn't disappoint.  It's located in a beautiful sandstone bowl that gave Luke vertigo - but I wish I lived there, so I could hike to it every morning.