Saturday, July 04, 2015

Double Arch

We purposely kept our vacation very relaxed - we didn't want to feel like there was anything we "couldn't miss" - we're only three hours away, so we'll be back. But we decided to drive past Double Arch on the way out, and Dean was desperate to stop because there were kids swarming all over the boulders beneath it. I'm so glad we stopped. We'll bring a picnic next time! It was a wonderful, low-key visit. We went to the Moab Pool a few times - a great indoor/outdoor setup, visited the Farmer's Market and I had a killer chocolate-dipped chocolate-cherry popsicle. Wowee. Plus seeing old friends. And spying an 80% cacao Sharffenberger baking bar in a local market - I almost bought it, but decided that at $9, I didn't really need it!


plr7fq said...

Great photos of your Moab adventure. Glad you all had a great and low-key time! Yum, chocolate covered cherry popsicle, sign me up! Hooray for friends with vacation homes and living only a few hours from such natural wonders.

mikbeth said...

What a wonderfully magical vacation! What a great place for the kids to climb around! And a rattlesnake! And a lizard! And a big ant!
The pictures are beautiful. Isn't this world truly magnificent? Lucky you!

Diann Tammen said...

Mention "double arches" and most non-Utah children will only think of McDonalds. What a great adventure. Love Opa