Sunday, January 31, 2016


Ah, this past summer Luke took Dean to Topaz Mountain due south for some adventuring. Dean's favorite discovery was the scorpion he found under some rocks.

A Sunday

Every child has to have at least one "forced smile" photo.

Christmas 2015

Anne puts Christmas Doll to bed every night; Laurel has read her Calvin and Hobbes book every blessed day, and Dean disappeared with even more rocks. 

California in December is the Best!

The snowstorm over the Sierra's during the train ride West was AMAZING!

How the Kids Entertain Themselves on Sundays in Winter

Mommy-Daughter Date

She requested that I watch Daniel Tiger with her, and that we then order "that white soup" at an Indian restaurant. The owner has known me for years, and thought she was so cute, he didn't even charge her for lunch.

Laurel's Baptism

What a beautiful day!  We loved that the Stake was fine with her wearing a dress that was 28 years old.

Halloween 2015