Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dance Festival

Every year the elementary school has a dance festival and each grade level choreographs a routine. 2nd grade did the YMCA.  Those were the best pics I could get - I could only crawl in front of so many parents...Dean's kindergarten did "Hammertime" and his moves were so fly!

I love Laurel's 2nd grade teacher.  She's about my age, single, and puts so much energy in to her class.  Every year she has her class put on a play for family, and this year Laurel was an enthusiastic narrator. You can also tell that I haven't figured out how to work the camera on my cell phone. Sorry!  (Another big deal - I bought a cell phone this month for my RS calling b/c our president almost exclusively communicates via text.  It's come in handier than I can say!)
The teacher and her father built the stairs you can see in the picture above. Normally it's turned the other direction, and she gathers the students around her for story time.

Anne's First Graduation

Pretty fly to get sidewalk chalk and flowers from Grandma for your graduation!  Her first year of preschool is complete, and it was a hoot watching the ceremony. She's clearly the youngest in the class - she mostly stared and watched the other kids during their musical numbers.

The Tooth Fairy has been Reactivated

DR complained of painful gums and he had a tooth that looked way sketchy - all translucent...I was pretty worried (can little kids get gum disease??), and on the phone with the kids' dentist pronto fast (fortunately an old family friend) - until I realized the tooth was wiggly.  I am one out-of-practice mommy!
Alas, we couldn't really capture that blank space on camera when Dean finally decided to just pull it out.

In other tooth news, Laurel will start phase I braces in December.  Fun all around!