Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Knife Skills

Dean volunteered to trim 5 pounds of brussel sprouts (sorry, Opa!) for Thanksgiving.  Come to think of it, he peeled all the carrots and potatoes for tonight's buffalo stew...This kid can cook! 

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Diann Tammen said...

Everyone should have a good relationship with and understanding of steel. Good job. I try to teach my Scouts safety and sharpening - need lots of Band-Aids every time. They have all come to understand that if it passes through my hands it is sharp. They don't have the concept of keeping the same angle - blade to sharpening stone/hone and we waste a lot if metal making rounded edges. Knives, shovels, scissors, chisels, axes, chainsaws - any cutting tool should be really sharp. I think cutting up brussel sprouts with a knife would be better than actually eating them. Ha. Opa.